Past Events

December 16, 2022Nathan Vedal
(University of Toronto)
On the relationship between Manchu and Chinese literary language as it is theorized in a turn-of-the-nineteenth-century compilation of bannerman learning
April 28, 2022 (Princeton)Sixiang Wang (University of California, Los Angeles)Korean Diplomatic Appeals (陳情表)
April 7, 2021Jennifer Guest (University of Oxford)Borders of Poetic Language: Defining Chinese and Japanese-style Poetry in Medieval Commentary to the Wakan Rōeishū
February 17, 2021Tanaka Sōta (Kyoto University)漢文 (The Chinese Script) in the History of Japanese Written Languages
October 30, 2020Shimizu Masaaki (Osaka University)The Diversity of Vietnamese Nôm Characters in Two Medieval Vietnamese Sutras
November 15, 2019 (Princeton)Nhung Tuyet Tran (University of Toronto)Articulating Sinic Values at the Interstices of Empire: Literary Sinitic, Vernacular Vietnamese, and Neo-Confucianism in the Cham Heartland
April 26, 2019 (Princeton)Xin Wen (Princeton University) Literary Chinese Texts written by Middle Iranian Speakers during the Medieval Period: Sogdian & Khotanese tomb epitaphs 墓志銘 and colophons 題記
February 21, 2019 (Columbia)Nguyễn Tuấn Cường (Institute for Sino-Nôm Studies)Localization and Vernacularization in the early modern Neo-Confucian Vietnamese text, Tứ thư ước giải 四書約解
September 19, 2018 (Princeton)John Whitman (Cornell University)訓点、音義、辞書 - Gloss to Glossary, East and West
June 19, 2018 (Princeton)Murielle Fabre (Cornell University)
Zev Handel (University of Washington)
Sowon Park (UC Santa Barbara)
James Unger (The Ohio State University)
Sound and Symbol in Sinography (Special Symposium organized with John Whitman, Cornell University)
March 9, 2018 (Columbia)Matthew Fraleigh (Brandeis University)Daitō shika chimei kō 大東詩家地名考 and Tōsō kaii chimei sen 東藻会彙地名箋
November 10, 2017 (Princeton)Si Nae Park (Harvard University)Tale of a Yangban 両班傳